Salvatore Leggiero


Salvatore Leggiero, born 1965, is an entrepreneur with the passion for brick and real estate finance. Born in Naples where he nurtured his creativity, he adores Florence, especially its city centre where he lives with his family.


Leo Salvietti


At the age of 23 he began his experience as an entrepreneur and CEO. He gained experience in graphic design, publishing, communication, food and real estate. His passion for sport led him to be the President of A.C. Siena football team from 1999 to 2001. In the same time he won a championship and he was an adviser in the Italian professional football league association (Lega Calcio), categories A and B. He has a great passions for books, art, sport and cooking.


Simona Picchioni

Sales Manager

Simona has many talents, she is outgoing, determined and problem-solving oriented. For these reasons, the company relies on her to manage clients’ needs, even in the most difficult situations.

Gustave Bonde

International business consultant

He has gained experience working in private and corporate banks with some of the main financial institutions in Geneva, Luxembourg, Munich and Madrid. Today he is a consultant to major international real estate investment and development and hospitality groups, as well as a senior advisor to the board of directors of a world leading hotel chain.


Andrea Butti

Sales & designing

Architect and civil engineer since 2007, as a child he drew furniture in his family craft business. For 7 years he was a lecturer in the degree course of Industrial Design in Florence and in 2015 he received in Sant’Anna of Pisa a renowned master in Engineering and Management. He has transversal competences and a practical approach. In Leggiero Group deals with integrated design and real estate management.


Clarifications on Dagospia, L’Espresso and web news about Salvatore Leggiero.

On March 25th 1999, L’Espresso magazine published an article mentioning Salvatore Leggiero the Accountant from Monza, where he owns an office with his two brothers.

From that moment, Dagospia, reports and reworks the article, combining Salvatore Leggiero from Monza with Mrs. Marcello Dell’Utri, defining them friends in a bad way, even if there is no accusation or implication for Salvatore Leggiero.

Dagospia refers to Salvatore Leggiero from Monza but mistakenly publishes the picture of Salvatore Leggiero the Entrepreneur, born in Naples with only one brother, and any kind of connection with his homonym.

This incorrect information has been reported in other magazines, continuing with offensive allusions, just making discredit and ambiguity without any reason about Salvatore Leggiero the Entrepreneur, who worked for some years at Publitalia’80, company where Marcello Dell’Utri was CEO.

With the only purpose to clarify, with any no offense for anyone, we would like to highlight this case of homonymy.

Many times, we asked Google and other sources to correct this fake news with any result, because gossip makes curiosity and then contacts and free advertising.

To support what has been said, you can find below:

  • L’Espresso article
  • The consequent Summons
  • The Codice Fiscale of Salvatore Leggiero the ENTREPRENEUR born in Naples, June 21st 1965: LGG SVT 65H21 F839D,
  • The Codice Fiscale of Salvatore Leggiero the Accountant born in Catania, December 27th 1965: LGG SVT 65T27 C351J,


Salvatore Leggiero the ENTREPRENEUR remains available for any question or clarifications about his resume, private and business life,